3º ESO A

The texbook we are using this year is Anaya’s Geography and History 3 (Authors: Manuel Burgos Alonso; Mª Concepción Muñoz-Delgado y Mérida), and the ISBN is 978-84-678-5246-2. The book is the first of of the two here.

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** Retake – 1st term

Unit 1 – Demography: the population of the World and the population of Spain.

Unit 2 – Economic activity and geographical spaces.


Unit 3 – The primary sector.

Unit 4 – The secondary sector.

Unit 5 – The tertiary sector.

Unit 6 – Economy in Spain.

Unit 7 – The start of the Modern Period.

Unit 8 – The authoritarian monarchy in Spain: the Catholic Monarchs and the Austrias Mayores.