2º ESO A

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** Retake – 1st term

Unit 0 – The Fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Germanic peoples. The Byzantine and Carolingian empires.

Unit 1 – Islam and al-Andalus

Unit 2 – Feudal Europe

Unit 3 – The medieval city: bourgeoisie and cathedrals

Unit 4 – The Christian kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula.

Unit 5 – The origins of the Modern Age: 15th and 16th centuries

Unit 6 – The authoritarian monarchy in Spain: the Catholic Monarchs and the Austrias Mayores.

Unit 7 – Demography: the World’s population

Unit 8 – The population of Spain

Unit 9 – Urbanism: cities and urban life.

Unit 10 – The organisation of human societies